Study: A Single Concussion Can Alter Brain Structure

A recent study published in scientific journal Radiology has claimed that even a single concussion is enough to change a brain’s structure. This alteration can lead to cognitive difficulties and a higher chance of a victim suffering depression, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Concussion Effects on the Brain StudyThrough the use of magnetic resonance imaging, the study compared the brains of healthy subjects with patients who had suffered a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) a year ago..Research found that people with a minor TBI had experienced shrinkage in regions of the brain that are linked to executive function, mood regulation, and memory. While the atrophy affected the brain as a whole, the anterior cingulate and the precuneal region were seen as suffering a greater effect.

The anterior cingulated has been seen as a connector between regions controlling attention, memory, judgment, and higher-order reasoning. On the other hand, problems with the precuneal region have been related to anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Combined with another recent study that helped to detect bleeding within the brain, researchers are hoping to detect injuries more quickly and provide proper medical care with less delay. Additionally, members of the study on mild TBI hope their results will show victims of brain trauma that there are biological causes of the problems they may be experiencing.

Scientific advances in recent years have helped shed light on the serious yet often difficult to understand nature of brain injuries. While the methods used to help victims cope with their losses and recover have taken major steps, these procedures are often costly and the effects of a brain injury can have major repercussions on professional and personal life.

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