American Apparel Factory Worker Killed in Garden Grove Knitting Machine Accident

The recent death of a 49-year-old American Apparel worker at a Garden Grove factory has raised concern about working conditions and safety standards. The male employee was crushed by a circular knitting machine after trying to remove a jammed roll of fabric. According to The Huffington Post, the circular knitting equipment unexpectedly turned on after the worker entered the cage of the machine. He was unconscious and maintenance crews had to “de-engergize” the machine when emergency crew got to the factory. The worker died shortly after arriving at a local hospital.

While an investigation conducted by the California Division of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA) is ongoing, an initial report mentions that a comparable accident took place at a Los Angeles American Apparel factory in 2006. A worker walked into the circular knitting machine to release fabric that had become stuck when a co-worker turned on the equipment without noticing someone was inside. As a consequence, the worker was struck by a rotating drum and required an ear amputation. The general manager and plant manager of the Garden Grove facility are reported to have been the same managers at the Los Angeles facility when the accident happened.

The safety and security of employees should be an employer’s main concern. Making employee well being a priority helps prevent serious injury and fatal accidents from occurring on-the-job. Although workers’ compensation benefits provide financial restitution for workers and their families in the event of an accident, some employers or even insurance companies may make actually obtaining this compensation extremely difficult or altogether impossible.

Because work accidents often involve complex legal matters, an injured worker or family members of a deceased worker may want to get in touch with a lawyer who will really listen and find a solution. A Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney at Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley can help you if your life has been affected by an accident on-the-job. Contact our firm today for a free consultation by calling 213-514-8332.

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