32 Injured after Bus and Train Collide in Downtown L.A.

A Metro Blue line train and a Line 51 bus headed for South L.A. collided on August 27 in downtown Los Angeles, injuring approximately 32 people. While no one was critically injured, many complained of back and knee pain, sending them to various Los Angeles hospitals, according to The Huffington Post.

While investigation of the crash is still continuing, authorities have stated that the accident occurred when the southbound train clipped the back of the bus at the San Pedro Street and Washington Boulevard intersection at 6:56 am. The standing-room-only bus held 50 passengers and was sent spinning by the collision, impacting and knocking over a nearby light pole.

The crash caused major damage to the bus, but the train did not derail. This accident is the third Metro train collision to occur in 2012 in downtown L.A., with the other two involving an Expo train striking a sedan and a Blue Line train colliding with a police cruiser. This crash resulted in more injuries than both of those accidents combined.

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